CNN's Future Cities to feature Dhaka this month

This month, ‘Future Cities’ is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This sprawling Asian metropolis is the fastest growing megacity in the world, with 15 million residents and counting. Thirty per cent of people live in slums, which is increasing every year with the arrival of a whopping 500,000 new migrants, all looking for work and relief from the floods of the north. Future Cities Dhaka airs* on Saturday 26 May at 1015, Sunday 27 May at 1715, Saturday 23 June at 1715 and Sunday 24 June at 1015 .

This city may be choked with people, traffic and pollution, but, like any city, Dhaka has its dreams and its vision for the future. With the pressure on to provide efficient transport networks, adequate housing, and clean water, plans are underway to tame this megacity and make it liveable.

‘Future Cities’ host Leone Lakhani learns about the city’s bold plan to improve the whole transport infrastructure, including a new metro system which will carry 750,000 people each day; a new industrial plant to treat water and quench the thirst of the city’s inhabitants; and she also meets an architect who’s planning for Dhaka’s future by building floating houses, schools and hospitals.

‘Future Cities’ meets the people living the complex reality of this megacity, and asks whether the city will ever cope with the demands of a population that is spiralling out of control.

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