CNN's Eco Solutions show to feature Ladakh

New Delhi: In June, Eco Solutions travels to the edge of the Himalayas, where the town of Ladakh, India is among the first communities in the world to feel the threat of climate change. Glaciers are the sole source of water for the farmers that call this rugged landscape home.

As the glaciers continue to melt, many in Ladakh fear the worst. Septuagenarian Chewang Norphel is instead searching for a solution. He’s already built a series of artificial glaciers, now he’s dedicated to perfecting his design. He knows he won’t be able to turn back climate change, but he’s determined to conserve enough water to preserve his people’s way of life.

Airtimes: Indian Standard Time*
Thursday, June 7 at 1300.
Friday, June 8 at 1000
Saturday, June 9 at 1200
Sunday, June 10 at 0830
Saturday, June 16 at 1800
Sunday, June 17 at 1200
Monday, June 18 at 0830

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