CNNGo Wraps up CNNGo Mumbai Week

India celebrated Republic Day this week, and as our Mumbai Week focus comes to a close, we find out about the city’s luxe hotels and their finest features

This week India celebrated the 60th anniversary of its adoption of a constitution. In order to help the country celebrate this very special Republic Day, CNNGo focused our attention all this week on Mumbai. Each day, we featured original content highlighting what makes Mumbai such an amazing city to live in or visit. And if you happen to be visiting Mumbai, or plan to in the near future, then read our newest post where five luxury hotels describe their finest features, or see “Mumbai — the best hotels”.

Previously we looked at Bombay then, and Mumbai now, featured stories on Mumbai’s nightlife going from copycat to trendsetter and 24 hours in Mumbai for lovers of luxury. Not forgetting the ultimate guide for Mumbai’s Bandra (West) neighborhood, and a little taste of India in Tokyo’s Nishi-Kasai neighborhood. For the lone adventurers, our City Pulse reader-contributed article about Mumbai’s top spots for the solitary explorer is a must see.

Mumbai Week also featured a showcase gallery by well-known travel photographer Meena Kadri about the wallah and walli of Mumbai’s streets, and a video on Mumbai’s master street chefs.

Its easy to see that Mumbai is an incredible city packed with culture, history, nightlife, beauty and the occasional odd smell. One might be able to come up with 50 reasons why Mumbai is the world’s greatest city, and as a matter of fact, we have done just that in the aptly titled article, World’s greatest city: 50 reasons why Mumbai is No. 1.

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