CNNGo celebrates ‘Mumbai Week’

CNNGo, the ultimate online insider guide to Asia’s greatest cities, celebrates the city of Mumbai with a week-long special coverage section at Through ‘Mumbai Week’, is to feature the best of Mumbai and all that locals and visitors needs to know about one of India’s most vivacious and dynamic cities.

Mumbai, the financial capital of India has many sobriquets: the city that never sleeps; the city of dreams – each holds a different appeal for every visitor. CNNGo aims to acquaint readers with the city’s culture, hues, people, places and all its authentic flavours through the experience of its locally based editorial team.

CNNGo ’Mumbai Week’ will feature Mumbai’s “best hotels”, “Old versus New Mumbai” highlighting Mumbai’s entrepreneurial spirit, review “Mumbai nightlife”, “My perfect Mumbai weekend”, present “The ultimate guide to Mumbai’s Bandra (West) neighbourhood” and an insider’s guide on “How to bargain in India”. The video posts will lend to Mumbai’s true essence with features like, “Front row seat in a Mumbai taxi” and “Mumbai’s master street chefs”. CNNGo also captures Mumbai’s street sellers in “Celebrating the wallah and walli of Mumbai’s streets”, a photo gallery from well known travelling photographer, Meena Kadri.

The other cities featured on will also celebrate Mumbai and India through special features like “Little India in Singapore” or “Hong Kong’s best Indian designers and restaurants”. Readers are welcome to further share the stories that they liked, post their comments online and post their own experiences on, making it a highly interactive destination.

Announcing the Mumbai week, Andrew Demaria, Editor in Chief, CNNGo said, “CNNGo is meant to be fun — an enjoyable daily visit — that celebrates from an insider’s view all that is best in these amazing cities. We’re delighted that our first city special focuses on Mumbai presenting the myriad hues of this technicolor city, looking not only at things to do or places to go, but really discovering more about the city’s true character.”

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