CNNGO announces Mumbai Best Eats Awards

CNNGo has announced its top picks for its first annual Mumbai ‘Best Eats Awards’. Around 50 restaurants are recognized for their gastronomic excellence across a range of categories reflecting the diversity of cultural and culinary influences that have shaped the city and its food. These include ‘Best Indian Chinese’, ‘Best Parsi’, ‘Best Indian seafood’, ‘Best Gujarati thali’, ‘Best biryani’ and ‘Best Goan’ and ‘Best desi dessert’ amongst other exciting categories.

Selected by a panel of five experts from across the local dining scene, each of the 15 categories includes one definitive ‘best’ selection and two to three honorable mentions. The complete list of Mumbai’s ‘Best Eats Awards’ is available at where quotes, comments and information on each restaurant are included.

The joys of simple meals celebrating fresh ingredients and various culinary traditions in Mumbai were recognized in several categories across all ends of spectrum. These ranged from the exclusive Konkan Café (winner in ‘Best Indian seafood’ category), noted chef Anand Solomon’s labor of love which serves food based on secret recipes gleaned from old ladies all across the Konkan coast to Friends Union Joshi Club (winner in Best Gujarati thali category) a home style eatery in a century old building which in the words of Best Eats judge Vikram Doctor is an “old-fashioned, simple eating place on the Kalbadevi road where you can still buy monthly meal tickets if you want.”

“We are delighted to share with our global readers a list of Mumbai’s Best Eats. A panel of experts voted for their favorite Mumbai meals and restaurants, ranging from specific street food stalls to gourmet dishes and regional specialties. From chaat to gold leaf chicken, from the best Gujarati thali, to crab, Parsi food and the ubiquitous vada pav, the winners of the CNNGo Mumbai Best Eats Awards define the city’s palate and reflect the special ethnic diversity that makes Mumbai such a fun place to eat.” says Sita Wadhwani, CNNGo Mumbai City Editor.

CNNGo’s first annual ‘Best Eats Awards’ launched across six Asian cities and Mumbai is the sixth city announcing winners following Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore.

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