CNN to air ‘TSUNAMI 5’ on December 26th

Five years after a devastating tsunami struck Southeast and South Asia, CNN’s award-winning* correspondent Dan Rivers travels back to some of the hardest-hit areas in Indonesia and Thailand for a powerful and remarkable new documentary. Premiering on December 26th at 2000hrs IST (Indian Standard Time), ‘Tsunami 5’ recalls the defining moments when the tsunami struck many coastal areas in the Indian Ocean. The compelling half-hour special also includes dramatic footage of the deadly catastrophe, weaving together the victims’ tales of heartache and survival.

CNN’s correspondent Atika Shubert, one of the first reporters on the ground during the Asian Tsunami, will also broadcast live throughout the day on December 26th.

CNN was one of the first international news organizations to report on the ground during the immediate aftermath of the tsunami, which killed an estimated 230,000 people in eleven countries and left hundreds of thousands displaced. CNN’s Bangkok-based correspondent Dan Rivers returns to the once-devastated areas and revisits the survivors he interviewed five years ago. He also investigates how billions of dollars in aid have been spent. Below are some stories featured in ‘Tsunami 5’:

•A pregnant survivor. Dan Rivers hears the miraculous story – Fitire was three months pregnant when the wave hit. She was rescued by a fishing boat after floating on the sea for ten hours. Rivers visits her and meets her boisterous four-year-old toddler.

• Mass graves. The program visits one of the darkest places in Aceh – a mass grave where almost 50,000 people were buried – and hears from a local official describe how he buried hundreds of children and the effect it has had on his life.

•Tourists’ recollection. Dan Rivers hears recollections from the tourists holidaying at the time on Thailand’s Phi Phi island in December 2004 and how they managed to escape from the disaster.

•Reconstruction. Returning to the once devastated areas, Dan Rivers talks to the deputy governor of Aceh and investigates where the recovery stands today.

Airtimes: Dec 26th at 2000hrs/ Dec 27th at 1500hrs/ Dec 28th at 1900hrs & 2300hrs IST (Indian Standard Time)

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