CNN launches new weekday evening primetime line up

CNN is redefining the news experience for its viewers debuting a unique technology-driven global marketing campaign. To launch CNN’s new weekday evening primetime line up in Asia Pacific, led by News Stream airing at 6:30 pm India time, the campaign uses Augmented Reality technology to animate CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout .

Using image recognition and 3D graphics, the News Stream host appears on the computer screen once the application is downloaded and activated by a webcam. Users can then share their experience through Facebook and Twitter.

The Augmented Reality experience also serves to introduce CNN’s global audience to its new Asia primetime evening line up from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm India time, while connecting them further to the CNN brand.

In Asia Pacific the digital campaign further extends to an extensive print and on-ground experience across Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Starting November 17 in Hong Kong, the network brings its news studio to the city’s streets in branded CNN Augmented Reality Vans to allow consumers the opportunity to experience the technology first hand.

The new campaign launches as the global news network continues its month of dedicated Asia coverage, encompassing special programming weeks from Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

18:30 News Stream is an hour-long show hosted by award-winning anchor Kristie Lu Stout that uses smart, cutting-edge technology to better relate news stories and forge relationships with viewers.

19:30 World Business Today , anchored from the world’s three most influential financial hubs with Andrew Stevens in Hong Kong, Charles Hodson in London and Maggie Lake in New York, the program follows the opening of the New York Stock Exchange and provides an hour of insightful business news and analysis.

20:30 International Desk with Isha Sesay brings viewers into the heart of CNN as news stories develop and break.

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