CNN Launches Audience Improvement Initiative 'Impact Your World'

CNN has launched ‘Impact Your World,’ a pioneering news format where viewers are empowered with the ability to help resolve issues that effect individuals and countries spanning the globe. ‘Impact Your World’ began broadcasting in September 2008 on CNN International’s global network, reaching more than 230 million households and hotel rooms.

The program represents CNN’s audience empowerment initiative, which allows CNN viewers and users to take action on and respond to the news they consume. With ‘Impact Your World,’ news is no longer passive, ‘Impact’ buttons on selected stories link people directly to resource pages showing how they can help charitable organizations in categories including “Refugees & Homelessness,” “Poverty,” “Health,” “Children,” “Animals” and “Natural Disasters.”

Participants in this groundbreaking program come from a wide range of different backgrounds, but may hold common values, beliefs and goals. They all want to effect change in our world by helping others.

New weekly on-air vignettes highlight stories that empower CNN’s global audience to make a real difference in people’s lives. Natural disasters including Cyclone Nargis which hammered Myanmar and the devastating Sichuan earthquake have brought about immediate responses and donations. ‘Impact Your World’ also allows the audience to support individual causes, such as families struggling to recover from flood damage, introduced by CNN correspondents that can translate into swift and emphatic support movements from viewers.

NEC Corporation, one of the world’s leading IT and network technology companies, has announced that it is sponsoring ‘Impact Your World’.

“Throughout its history, NEC has continuously sought ways to contribute to society through technological innovation and advanced solutions. NEC is proud to sponsor CNN’s ‘Impact Your World,’ which is an innovative way to empower individuals and societies around the world by connecting people and organizations,” said Mikio Yamada, General Manager, NEC Advertising Division.

“We’re delighted to partner with NEC in this tailored, cross-platform sponsorship that allows our viewers to enact positive change in the world,” said William Hsu, Vice President of News Sales, CNN Asia-Pacific. “We look forward to delivering a powerful brand solution for them across this most worthwhile of initiatives,” he added.

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