CNN invites viewers to showcase their creative talent

As part of CNN’s association with the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the network is now seeking submissions from viewers for their photos or videos that best represent Asia Pacific cultural diversity.

The selected images will be featured in CNN’s ad campaign launching soon on print, online and TV, in millions of households around the world. It could be a photograph taken on a holiday, a video shot on your mobile phone on the way to work or any image that caught your eye – the choice is yours.

To submit a video, simply go to To submit a photo or video, find ‘CNN Scene by Scene’ on Facebook or ‘CNN International’ on YouTube. Entries open June 24th 2009.

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) acclaim, at a global level, the cinematic excellence and cultural diversity of the Asia-Pacific region. The initiative honours the works of filmmakers across a vast region representing four billion people; 60 percent of the global population; 70 countries and areas; one third of the earth; and half the world’s film output.

CNN brings these awards and the outstanding works of the region’s filmmakers to its global audience through a series of television programs titled ‘Scene by Scene’ to be broadcast in October and November, as well as an edition of the network’s monthly film show, ‘The Screening Room’.

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