CNBC-TV18 launches new series – India Unlimited

CNBC-TV18 launches new series – India Unlimited

Mumbai: India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged Indian scientists to unleash a ‘Decade of Innovation’ and seek innovative answers to India’s age old problems. A group of the nation’s finest minds were brought together to form the National Innovation Council (NIC), these leaders have begun a ‘movement’ of innovation led by the guru of India’s telecom success story, Dr. Sam Pitroda.

CNBC-TV18 presents a new series – “India Unlimited” with Sam Pitroda, which seeks to support the National Innovation Council in inspiring the nation’s youth to act differently and find innovative solutions to the country’s problems. The show will feature interviews with the members of the council including Dr. Sam Pitroda, Arun Maira, Saurabh Srivastava, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Dr. Anil Gupta. Hosted by CNBC-TV18’s Executive Editor, Shereen Bhan, the show seeks to spread NIC’s message and ignite empowerment and drive leadership.

India Unlimited will uncover various stories on innovation that have not only helped India discover new trends, create technology and drive the nation’s economic growth but also inspire millions across the country to follow suit. This unique series will showcase how the learning from the past combined with innovative ideas can help India extend its boundaries of growth. Some of the innovations that will be featured on the show include the Mosquito destroyer, a self-powering bicycle, twin pressure-cooker and a cobweb cleaner.

Speaking on this special series, Saket Saurabh, Head- Marketing- CNBC-TV18 said, “India Unlimited will add a new dimension to CNBC-TV18’s programming and introduce our viewers to India’s attempt at innovation as a way for growth. It is also our attempt to understand the importance of innovations in the present era and highlight the opportunities that prevail in our country.”

Launch Date: July 2, 2011. Timings: Sat 11:30 am, 10:30 pm & Sun 7 pm.

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