CNBC-TV18 hunts for the super rich's undisclosed wealth

Mumbai: Multi-billionaires and their lavish lifestyles have been a matter of extreme enthrallment. But did it ever cross your mind where are the pits of wealth located? Legally owned super-luxury mansions, private jets, and other possessions are often acquired with undisclosed sources of money.

Award-winning journalist Scott Cohn and the CNBC Investigations Inc. team are on a mission to uncover the secret funds of super-riches. In this engrossing operation, they trail the money around the globe to discover the refuge of mysterious and astronomical amounts of wealth. After traversing various countries, the team ultimately reaches the United States, the new haven for the Filthy Rich to hide their wealth. The astounding one hour documentary features how series of administrations and companies has been forced to choose between American interests and American values.

Through Filthy Rich, CNBC-TV18 reveals the unthinkable sources and secrets behind illegal funds and income. There are estimates that corruption worldwide costs as much as $1.5 trillion a year. In many countries, the ruling families simply take what they want, live lives of luxury while their people face poverty and oppression.

While Cayman Islands and Panama are conventional places known to people, United States falls under one of the few countries that allow formation of companies without disclosing owner’s identity. This enthralling documentary introduces viewers to a Nevada man who claims “there is no better way to cloak your assets from public view” than to set up a corporation through him. From operating a business in his house—which is home to more than 2,000 Nevada corporations—he claims he has no way of knowing whether any of them are conduits for dirty money. For an additional fee, he also offers to put his name on the official documents. Scott Cohn, the quintessential investigative reporter, will take viewers behind the complex webs of wealth creation and mystifying lives of the mega-rich.

Watch Filthy Rich on CNBC-TV18 on Saturday, October 20th at 9:30pm and Sunday October 21st at 8:30pm.

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