CN8 to Expand Coverage

CN8, The Comcast Network has announced its plans to provide extensive coverage of the critically-important April 22 Pennsylvania primary, offering comprehensive, interactive news and feature programming available on air, online and ON DEMAND throughout April. Unlike traditional networks which are sending teams to Pennsylvania, CN8 is already utilizing its more than 120 PA-based employees, its six studios across the state, and its dozens of hosts, contributors and political experts who cover Pennsylvania and presidential politics 365 days a year.

CN8 will be the leading source for in-depth news and analysis for the Pennsylvania primary, with a scope of coverage that includes on-the-street interviews with voters; in studio reports and breaking news analysis; live updates from campaign headquarters; special reports on the economy’s impact on the election; and much more. Coverage will span all of CN8’s issues-oriented original programs, from its morning show through the late night lineup, led by the most experienced team in Pennsylvania politics, and covering both the primary and its impact to regional viewers and the national election.

CN8’s political team will host special coverage and up-to-the-minute reports on original programs including “Your Morning;” “Art Fennell Reports;” “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle;” “Money Matters Today;” “Larry Kane: Voice of Reason;” and “Roll Call TV with Robert Tranyham.” Pennsylvania primary highlights include a road tour throughout the state on “Your Morning;” a deeper look at the candidates’ economic policies on “Money Matters Today;” analysis of political issues heating up the campaign trail on “Roll Call TV;” a special broadcast from Philadelphia’s City Hall on “Art Fennell Reports;” and more. On primary day, April 22, Lynn Doyle will host an extended edition of “It’s Your Call” from the network’s Philadelphia headquarters, beginning at 8 p.m. and featuring live updates and reports from across the state throughout the evening.

Providing regional viewers from Maine to Virginia and Washington, D.C. with smart, relevant political coverage has been a hallmark of CN8 since its inception in 1996, and the network’s experience reporting on Pennsylvania politics is far-reaching. Highlights include coverage of the 2006 mid-term elections; the 2000 Republican National Convention; gubernatorial and senatorial races; Philadelphia mayoral elections and debates; Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell’s inaugural addresses; and thousands of Comcast Newsmakers interviews including hundreds of “Candidates On Demand” interviews with Pennsylvania candidates.

Additionally, CN8’s team has extensive political experience and Pennsylvania roots, with hosts such as Lynn Doyle whose experience includes interviews with some of the most intriguing minds of our time including Gloria Allred and Mikhail Gorbachev; Larry Kane, a Philadelphia news veteran who has interviewed every president from Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush and covered more than 21 national political conventions; and Robert Traynham, CN8’s D.C. bureau chief and a former political staffer on Capitol Hill and communications director for presidential and senatorial campaigns.

“By leveraging CN8’s vast statewide expertise and resources, as well as Comcast’s unique services like ON DEMAND, we are able to offer our viewers coverage of the Pennsylvania primary and its impact that traditional networks simply cannot provide,” said Jon Gorchow, vice president and general manager of CN8, The Comcast Network. “We are Pennsylvania, and our award-winning team of locally-based hosts and political experts know the people, regions and issues that impact the voters of this state. Equally important, we have the ability to provide viewers outside of Pennsylvania with an inside look at this significant political event.”

“Pennsylvania is now a major player in the outcome of this year’s presidential nomination process,” said Lynn Doyle, CN8 political director and host of “It’s Your Call.” “By deeply exploring these candidates’ views and the issues that are of importance to the state and our nation, we are able to provide our viewers with the information they need to make an informed decision at the polls.”

Beginning March 31, CN8 will issue regular news updates highlighting the network’s daily programming for the Pennsylvania primary. Coverage will also be available online at and to Comcast Digital Cable subscribers through Comcast’s ON DEMAND service. The initiative follows CN8’s launch of “America’s Next President,” the network’s most expansive election package to date, tracking all major events leading up to the presidential election.

CN8, The Comcast Network is owned and operated by Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., a division of Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA; CMCSK), the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services. CN8, The Comcast Network provides more than 9 million Comcast cable viewers with a unique brand of live, interactive television delivered over its own fiber-optic network to 12 states and 20 television markets stretching from Maine to Virginia and Washington, D.C. CN8 was founded in 1996 and has quickly grown to become the nation’s leading regional cable network, airing more than 90 hours a week of original programming from its six studios in the Baltimore, Boston, Delaware, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. areas, and dozens of satellite studios.

CN8 provides in-depth coverage and analysis of special events and important news that broadcast networks often ignore. Since its inception, CN8 has delivered on its mission to continually reshape and revolutionize regional television and its relevance to local, regional and national viewers. CN8 is a member of The White House Correspondents’ Association and its programming and hosts have been honored by the industry with more than 370 regional Emmy Award nominations.

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