City Centric Magazine for Hyderabad Launched

MetroMela has announced the launch of a new City Centric Lifestyle, Wellness and Entertainment magazine, focused exclusively on Hyderabad city, its life and people.

“Our goal at MetroMela is to create innovative new channels as well as multiplicity of choices to search and access authentic city centric information such as deals, listings for professionals on the move featuring references by them as well as by their friends and families.” Pankaj Joshi, Co-founder and Vice-President for Marketing and Business Strategy at MetroMela said.

For MetroMela, the magazine is a natural extension of its online brand It forms a very strategic part of Metromela’s multi-modal approach to bring newer networking opportunity for people, the local businesses and their consumers at all times.

For the first time thrust has been given by a magazine to include users’ generated content that encourage users to share and write about their experience about shopping, food, entertainment, health, wellness, family and kid’s issues alongside content written by the vastly experienced MetroMela‘s editorial team.

“MetroMela promises a refreshingly new reading experience that will showcase the depth of local market specialties, the lifestyle of city’s vibrant community, what they do and what they feel being part of the city they love. Our effort is to bring readers and advertisers a very resourceful and mutually referral product. The title will cover fashion, food, wine, travel, design and entertainment – topics close to the hearts of all Hyderabadi’s ,” Barkha Shah , Content Head ,MetroMela said .

With 12 issues per year, produced monthly, Metromela will have an initial print run of 15000 copies in Hyderabad. The plan is to publish similar city centric magazine in all the other 6 cities where metromela provides online local information services. MetroMela is available in corporate offices, hotels, cafés and other locations where people from mid to high segment congregate.

“MetroMela forms a very important part of our multi-modal approach for connecting the city’s businesses with consumers. The magazine is designed to be absolutely simple in look and feel, with primarily reader-oriented content that caters to shoppers and merchant owners alike,” Nitin Chowdhary, Chief Operating Officer of MetroMela said.

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