Chunghwa Telecom partners BigBand to Deliver IPTV Advertising

BigBand Networks, Inc. , a leader in digital video networking, announced today that Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (CHT) has selected the BigBand MSP2000 (Media Services Platform) to deliver advanced advertising video solutions on High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) and content, in both MPEG2 and H.264 for Chunghwa Telecom’s flagship service, Multimedia-On-Demand (MOD). The deployment with Chunghwa Telecom is aimed at boosting its IPTV revenues by providing a highly reliable, scalable carrier-class platform to rapidly turn-up and augment MOD services to meet the growing demand for personalized video applications.

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s leading telecom service provider, offering telephone, mobile, leased line, Internet and other services to over 4.7 million subscribers. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom provides an IPTV service named Multimedia-on-Demand (MOD) to over 700,000 subscribers at year-end 2008. Delivered through Chunghwa Telecom’s broadband network and IPTV set-top-boxes (STB), MOD is a next generation digital home entertainment platform integrating television channels, video-on-demand (VoD), and personalized application services.

”Being selected by Chunghwa Telecom is an important milestone for the company, representing our first international deployment for the BigBand MSP2000 and supporting our global growth initiative,” said David W. Heard, Chief Operating Officer of BigBand Networks. “We believe that realizing the potential for delivering more personalized applications, including advanced advertising, is crucial to helping broadcast operators and broadband service providers stay ahead in today’s competitive IPTV market, while opening up a large market opportunity for BigBand.”

The BigBand MSP2000, launched in September of 2008, is an innovative, network-based video platform designed to enable new service revenues from personalized video applications. It combines robust networking with rich media processing capabilities to help service providers offer subscribers differentiated, personalized applications to generate new revenues. The BigBand MSP2000 is designed to meet service providers’ current linear and zoned advertisement insertion requirements and, more importantly, support future network-based personalized media applications, including addressable advertising.

The BigBand MSP2000 will enable Chunghwa Telecom MOD to deliver targeted advertising based on geographic and demographic information into linear television without requiring complex client operations in the STB. As a result, advertisers can benefit from more effective ad campaigns with more targeted messaging and greater relevance. Chunghwa Telecom will use the BigBand MSP2000 to monitor and track fulfillment information for feedback and campaign effectiveness. This capability will contribute to MOD’s revenue model and help transform TV advertising distribution from traditional broadcast models towards more personalized delivery to further boost Average Revenue per User (ARPU).

Using standards-based, open interfaces and established network protocols, the BigBand MSP2000 demonstrated through lab and field trials that it could integrate into the Chunghwa Telecom MOD network environment, which includes interworking with SD and HD content, the MOD STB, and encoders. BigBand Networks offers a carrier-class, chassis-based advertising splicing platform with high product reliability, network redundancy support and scalability in media processing in MPEG2 and H.264 format. The architectural flexibility is designed to give Chunghwa Telecom MOD simplified management and control over its advertising operation.

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