Chitika Ad Network is Red Herring 100 Global '08 finalist

Chitika, Inc., a full service online advertising network, has announced that it has been selected as a Red Herring 100 Global ’08 finalist. Chitika attributes its success to knowing when, and more importantly – when NOT – to show an ad. It is common knowledge that the majority of online ad budgets are wasted on mismatched ads that do not convert, and only serve to annoy web users. “Our biggest success comes from this knowledge, and our technology is based on learning when not to show an ad,” says Chitika CEO, Venkat Kolluri. “Being recognized and selected as one of the Top Tech companies in the world by Red Herring is an honor for us.”

Mr. Kolluri will be presenting at the Red Herring conference in San Diego on January 15th. Chitika’s award winning advertising program is based on proprietary patented behavioral ad targeting technology that tracks, tags, and targets users based on online search activity, session analysis, and affinity to specific offers, promotions and adverts. For advertisers and media buyers, Chitika is a proven search engine marketing (SEM) channel for targeting searches conducted by users on the top search engines (similar to Google Adwords). For publishers, Chitika is a very effective monetization service yielding high eCPMs.

This technology is the foundation for Chitika’s newest ad units – Chitika | Premium, the industry’s first intelligent collapsing ad units, designed to only show up for select targeted website visitors. First released in May 2008, Chitika | Premium has led to massive success for the company including doubling their publisher-base to over 34,000 website owners, and increasing their network-wide eCPM by 300%. Chitika is now serving over 650 million search-targeted ads per month. This is more search queries than, the 5th-largest search engine (according to the August 2008 ComScore report showing with 364 Million searches), and puts Chitika firmly on the heels of the third largest search provider, Microsoft.

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