China’s Jiangsu Cable Expands Relationship with BigBand Networks

BigBand Networks, Inc., a leader in digital video networking, today announced that it has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with China’s Jiangsu Broadcasting Television Network Corporation Limited (Jiangsu Cable) to further expand their relationship, following a successful cooperation over the past year. This is the first-of-a-kind strategic agreement that Jiangsu Cable has signed with a foreign company in the China cable industry.

Jiangsu Cable has approximately 11million subscribers, making them one of the largest cable operators in China and the leading cable company in the Jiangsu province. With a vision of “becoming the best quality and most reliable operator of integrated radio and broadcasting network”, Jiangsu Cable is consolidating its existing infrastructure into a single network and accelerating the pace of digital migration in every county and city within the province.

“Jiangsu Cable had a very good relationship with BigBand prior to establishing Jiangsu Broadcasting Television Network Corporation Limited in July of last year. Since then, our partnership has become more extensive,” said Mr. Gu Hande, General Manager of Jiangsu Cable. “I hope that we will continue to deepen our mutual understanding and expand our partnership to a new level, working closely together to provide more valuable digital video networking services to our customers.”

Jiangsu Cable has embarked on a very ambitious rollout of digital television. In September of 2008, BigBand announced that Jiangsu Cable had selected the company’s Broadband Multimedia-Service Router (BMR®) to process and deliver digital television services, including high definition (HD) and interactive television. The BigBand BMR has been deployed in the provincial capital, Nanjing, and eleven cities, and provides digital television services to millions of subscribers.

With access to BigBand Networks’ complete suite of Digital Video Networking solution – from broadcast to SDV (Switched Digital Video) and IP to MSP (Media Services Platform), Jiangsu Cable is better equipped to evolve their network from today’s broadcast to tomorrow’s personalized service delivery.

“This is an important strategic alliance for our company; it’s simply groundbreaking. We’re honoured that Jiangsu Cable trusts us as their long term strategic partner,” said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO, President and Co-founder of BigBand Networks. “The synergies between the two companies’ vision in deploying our digital video networking solutions provides the foundation for this longer term agreement. We are committed to help Jiangsu Cable fulfill their vision for the delivery of truly interactive and personalized video services.”

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