China U.K. Media Industry Summit Made in China Concludes

Recently, the China & U.K. Media Industry Summit named “Made in China” was held at the palatial British Museum – the world-renowned center piece of British culture. The forum was jointly hosted by IPCN International Media and Guardian Unlimited, an authoritative media institution known throughout the world. The forum is an annual meeting for the elites of international media that focuses on Chinese media brands, and the high-grade dialog between China and British media industries.

As a distinguished trans-national media meeting, it attracts many important players from media giants from China and Europe, as well as a number of authoritative scholars in law circles, financial circles and chiefs of famous enterprises. In the summit, the hot topics to which international media industry pay attention were most discussed intently. Prof. Huang Yong, Vice Chief Editor of SARFT (China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television); Ouyang Changlin, Director General of Hunan ARFT (Administration of Radio, Film and Television); Tan Zhi, President of Focus Media; Cui Bin, Executive Vice President of TOWONA; and other elites of China’s media industry gave wonderful addresses.

As the only invited representative of China’s growing transportation mobile TV industry, Cui Bin-Director, Executive Vice President of TOWONA, gave a speech titled the “Development of China’s New Media and Mobile TV”, which introduced the status and future development trends of China’s New Media to the attendees. Mr. Cui Bin thought that 2008 would be the watershed year for China’s media market, when the polarization between new media and traditional media would be more serious. In traditional media industries, TV will still be in the main position, while the market share of print media will continuously decrease; the new media industries of which typical representatives are networks and outdoor media will increase fast, thus becoming the black horse leading the market. Specifically, the public mobile TV industry, of which TOWONA has an excellent reputation, keeps increasing at a high speed under the positive factors including large investment and more mature business modes. Also, advertisers’ acceptance to new media is increasing gradually. The data provided by Chinese authority media study institutions show that 56.8% of enterprises are increasingly advertised through new media, and the potential of the new media market is great.

The background to the fast increasing market is the active promotion of operators. TOWONA is always absorbed in the public mobile TV industry, committing itself to building mobile media theory systems and standardizing evaluative criteria. And having co-published several industry standards such as the “China Public Mobile TV Ratings” with Nelson on the base of the research method of traditional TV, provided advertisers with evaluative criteria which can truly assess the value of public transportation mobile TV, assisting the whole industry to enter a mature phase, and also highlighting that public transportation mobile TV has begun to enter into mainstream medias.

Mr. Cui Bin’s new and special views attracted the attendees’ attention widely; it was the first time for the self-examination of China’s public transportation mobile media at an international summit, giving the international media circle a new understanding of China’s new media. Dominic Proctor, President of WPP Mindshare, a large international advertising company; Dan Mintz, the founder and President of DMG; Philip Holliday; Brand Director of OMD, and others, expressed their high
expectations for potential of this industry. They highly praised the cooperation with China, thought that the performance of China’s new media in recent years is good, with a development speed faster than traditional media, and encouraged more cooperation with China.

During the summit, the international media industry was interested in the business modes, investment opportunity and foreign cooperation policies of China’s media industry, as well as the development trend of China’s new media. At the same time, such topics as communication and the fusion of China and western media culture, trend expectation of China and the world media industry were deeply discussed. Ding Fei, President of Hannan Broadcasting and Television Group; Wei Ping, Vice President of China International TV Company; Sun Wei, Director of English Channel of SMG (Shanghai Media Group) and others gave more understand about China’s TV industry to international media professionals with their speeches. As one host of the summit, KPMG also introduced a summary of China’s media market from a professional view. Finally, Yang Yuancao, the organizer of the meeting and Executive Director of International Media Company called for all the Chinese and U.K. professionals to enhance the communication, study and cooperation, so as to find more resources, exploit more wider foregrounds and create more interest together.

This forum has not only improved the brand influence of Chinese media, but also gave a chance to media elites from across the world to share the successful operation experience in the Chinese market, as well as further promote the operation and communication between China and the foreign media industry.

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