China to safeguard rights of foreign media in China

Beijing : The Chinese government will safeguard the rights and interests of foreign news media, President Hu Jintao said Friday at the opening ceremony of the World Media Summit, attended by about 300 representatives from over 170 media outlets from all over the globe.

Hu said: “We will continue to make government affairs public, enhance information distribution, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign news organisations and reporters, and facilitate foreign media coverage of China in accordance with China’s laws and regulations.”

Foreign media coverage of China is growing in terms of its scale, scope and range, which “has played an important role in helping people around the world understand the development and changes in China”, he said.

“We sincerely hope that media organisations from around the world can make new contributions to deepen the world’s understanding of China, and help consolidate and develop friendship between the Chinese people and those in the rest of the world.”

The government also supports the Chinese media in enhancing exchanges and cooperation with their foreign counterparts in news communication, human resources, information technologies and business development, he said.

Hu went on to say that the government has always attached great importance to the development of the media, encouraging the Chinese media to be close to national conditions, and to create new concepts, new content, new methods and new means in order to make the media more accessible, attractive and appealing.

Hu said: “The media should use their distinctive assets and advantages to convey the messages of peace, development, cooperation, mutual benefit and tolerance.”

“All media organisations should be dedicated to the lofty cause of pushing forward peace and development.”

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