China Telecom partners Madhouse for Mobile Local Search

Madhouse, China’s leading mobile advertising network, has recently announced a partnership with Best Tone Information Service, a wholly-owned China Telecom subsidiary that provides local search services. According to the two-year agreement between the two parties, Madhouse will empower Best Tone’s mobile advertising business and serve as Best Tone’s preferred mobile advertising platform partner.

As China’s largest and most intelligent mobile advertising network, Madhouse’s MadServing mobile ad serving platform serves ads effectively to targeted audiences and intelligently optimizes ad serving performance and marketing return on investment by placing frequency caps on the number of impressions, clicks, and downloads for each unique visitor. Ads served on China Telecom’s Best Tone’s mobile local search site will be able to target audiences using relatively detailed geography-based information and Madhouse will utilize MadServing(TM) to power mobile advertising for the company’s mobile properties and services, including Best Tone’s popular mobile web site.

Madhouse has pioneered the development of numerous mobile advertising formats in China, such as full-screen interstitial ads, mobile video ads etc., and will utilize this expertise to collaborate with China Telecom’s Best Tone in formulating new advertising products. Madhouse will also use its strong relationships with advertising agencies to assist China Telecom’s Best Tone with product planning and provide sales support for the company’s mobile internet strategy.

“As the industry-leading local information services provider, China Telecom’s Best Tone is expanding its service on the mobile internet in order to provide our users with information that they need anytime, anywhere,” China Telecom’s Best Tone senior management stated. “Madhouse is recognized as the dominant leader in the mobile marketing industry in China, particularly in its mobile ad serving platform and innovative mobile marketing solutions. Combining our local information platform with Madhouse’s strength in mobile advertising will allow us to offer a high quality experience for our users and advertisers, and to increase our foothold in China’s burgeoning mobile marketing sector.”

“We are glad to be recognized by another leading mobile carrier partner and to have the opportunity to work with China Telecom’s Best Tone. We believe that Best Tone’s strong local information database, coupled with Madhouse’s strength in mobile advertising, will help develop mobile local search services in China. With the arrival of the 3G era, more applications and rich media ad formats will be available on the mobile internet and users will have improved browsing experiences. As the industry leader in China, we have the responsibility to share our experience with other players in order to further develop the country’s mobile ecosystem,” said Joshua Maa, founder and CEO of Madhouse.

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