China bans commercials during TV dramas

Beijing: China has barred the airing of commercials during TV dramas effective Jan 1 next year.

top broadcasting watchdog, the State Administration of Radio, Film and
Television (SARFT), ordered the national ban on all TV stations airing
commercials during TV dramas, reported China Daily.

TV stations
have been directed to rearrange their programmes to delete all
commercials set to air during TV dramas or face stern punishment.

China’s Jiangsu Television and North China’s Tianjin Television said
they will follow the ban order, while China Central Television (CCTV),
Beijing Television and Shanghai’s Dragon Television said they had not
yet received any notice, said Beijing News. conducted a survey that showed majority of the people favoured a ban.

About 85 percent of nearly 10,000 respondents said TV commercials were annoying.

observed there were so many commercials that sometimes it’s like
fragmented TV dramas inserted into a non-stop relay of different

SARFT last month banned sex-related commercials on radio and TV.

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