Chhattisgarh Tourism Board takes on Social Media to widen reach

New Delhi: Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, the governing body of one on the fastest growing tourism destinations in India is taking initiatives in a big way on social media to attract tourists to visit the state. As part of its digital strategy, CTB is marking its presence on digital and several social media platforms to engage with tourists and highlight the unexplored beauty and marvels of architecture of the state.

Few months back with the vision to establish Chhattisgarh’s digital presence, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board appointed Internet Moguls as its Social media firm. The board has initiated a campaign tapping various social media platforms like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and many more with the aim of highlighting the lesser known facts of Chhattisgarh. With regular updates and constant engagements the board has been able to acquire considerable fans and followers.

This proactive approach to post feeds on developments, festivals, photographs and actions online has resulted in lakhs of hits on its wall and thousands of feedback. Keeping alive the main theme of marketing campaign, ‘Full of Surprises’, some of the steps encompassed are : For CTB, Facebook has served as a medium of instant sharing and feedback, posting the latest developments and happenings in the state.

The fan Page on Twitter is also a hit in promoting the state and boosting Chhattisgarh tourism. Increasing number of tweets and re-tweets helps in spreading the updates quickly. Another medium Flickr is serving viewers by showcasing hundreds of pictures of the state and encouraging the audience to get up and pack their bags for an enthralling ride to Chhattisgarh.A blog for Chhattisgarh has also been created with 3 new blogs added each week on an average

You Tube channel has served as a medium of showcasing videos for greater mileage on content sharing

Thousands of people are following CTB on Twitter with a remarkable number of tweets every week. Facebook and You Tube have also received magnificent number of likes and comments. The blog also witnessed over 1000 hits. Small scale contests help in big turnout of digitally active population commenting and participating in the same. All these efforts have resulted in garnering high visibility and recall value among masses.

The volume of followers is increasing and Chhattisgarh as an unexplored tourist destination is gaining prominence on digital platform as well.

Commenting on the strategy, Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Media Consultant, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board says, “Social Media helps to connect with people beyond geographical boundaries. For a new state like Chhattisgarh this medium was more than important to make a bigger impact. Through this initiative we have successfully managed to tap considerable audience and the numbers are still growing. The idea of highlighting every aspect of the state on different social media platforms has been well executed and implausible results have been achieved.”

Internet Moguls is the Social Media agency empanelled with Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, for widening its reach and communication. Mr. Avijit Arya, CEO & Founder, Internet Moguls, says “We are thrilled to work with Chhattisgarh Tourism Board. The opportunity has provided us with the ability to showcase the various wide reaching online media options for such a forward thinking tourism board . With a 24 hour watch on what’s being said on the facebook page our team engages with the audience online to give instant feedback for their queries. The idea is to create Chhattisgarh as an easy name to recollect, while deciding on holiday destinations. A series of contests like “Fan of the month ” would be starting next week onwards to increase interactivity with the fans of the state.

The state of Chhattisgarh has lot to offer for tourists and we are glad to be part of the CTB’s journey to an established tourist destination.”

In addition to the Social Media, CTB has also rolled out a 360 degree campaign, in print, television, OOH, radio and web. The advertising and marketing expenditures have been budgeted to 7 crores approximately highlighting the state’s 2000 year old culture, wildlife, heritage and history by showcasing images of tribal dance, natural beauty, historic monuments and wildlife, this campaign attempts to touch an emotional chord of the public. The campaign portrays the spirits of the state centered on its marvels and experience it offers. The campaign is signified by ‘I’, which emphasizes on the traveller’s pleasure, thereby making the campaign personal, emotional and relatable. CTB also collaborated with Live Media to widen its reach to masses with places like Coffee Café Day, Mac Donalds, Mother Diary and Costa Coffee. The campaign runs in UK and Germany also and is supported by for gaining visibility in Europe.

This whole initiative accounts for a huge effort to carve a niche for itself in the already well-established tourism industry in India and abroad. Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has taken some aggressive steps to promote the state and its undiscovered tourism secrets.

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