Charm Communications Wins Zhongpin Inc.'s Brand and Communications Account

Beijing : Charm Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRM), a leading advertising agency in China, announced today it has won Zhongpin Inc.’s brand and communications account.

Zhongpin, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOGS) is a meat and food processing company that specializes in pork and pork products, and fruits and vegetables in China. The company is a leading enterprise in developing nationally-recognized, high-quality meats and food products through a brand image that appeals to the new, Chinese middle-class lifestyle. The company was ranked the sixth largest producer in the national meat industry in terms of revenue in 2005. Its customers include Wal-Mart, Metro, KFC, Carrefour, and McDonalds.

“Zhongpin is one of the leading companies in China’s food industry, and we are very excited to use our expertise to help bolster Zhongpin’s brand in the market,” said He Dang, the Chairman, founder and CEO of Charm. “While the overall market demand for consumer products remains robust, we are also witnessing increasing levels of sophistication from consumers in China. As a result, more and more domestic consumer product companies are realizing the importance of branding. Charm is well-positioned to help these domestic advertisers to enhance and upgrade their brands.”

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