Cgogo And Nokia Ink JV to Install Local Search Modules

Cgogo, the leading provider in the mobile search industry, announces today that it has recently reached a cooperation agreement with Nokia (NYSE:NOK). From now on, all Nokia smart phones based on the S60 platform will have a pre-installed local search module powered by Cgogo. The purpose of this cooperation guarantees that NOKIA mobile’s end users who will have a more precise, rapid “local search” experience.

Cgogo’s local search service will focus on the most interesting search results on user’s mobile phones. Thus avoiding trouble of browsing through many WAP pages.

Through this cooperation agreement, Cgogo will become the representative between mobile merchants and mobile search merchants in the mobile search market.

Cgogo, founded in February 2003, is a leading provider in the mobile search industry with many global IPRs and special technologies. The company is aiming to offer differentiated mobile Internet searches, WAP searches, Intranet searches and other data services to three hundred million mobile end users in China. Cgogo mobile search is a third-generation search with conceptual search technology based on the concept of cluster Rank. In 2004, Cgogo began to offer mobile searches to wireless subscribers through China Mobile and China Unicom. Recently, Cgogo also launched mobile commerce and mobile advertisement systems.

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