Celltick Drives Users to Coca Cola Thailand Mobile Ad Campaign

Celltick, the pioneer of mobile idle screen marketing solutions has announced that it has been appointed by media agency Initiative to promote Coca Cola’s ad campaigns in Thailand and to drive young adults in the 15-24 year old age bracket to its promotional activities.

Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform was put to the test in a recent Coca Cola exclusive music festival – “Coke Zaah”. The campaign targeted the desirable but hard-to-reach young adult audience in a fun and engaging way to build hype and excitement around the launch event in Central World, Bangkok, which boasted exclusive performances from local Thai bands such as Titanium, Modern Dog and Potato. Messages delivered to the idle screen of target users’ mobile phones promoted the time and location of the event as well as including a ‘free gift’ call to action.

Messages were broadcast to users’ mobile phones through mLIVE!, an exclusive service powered by Celltick’s LiveScreen(R) Media Technology and designed to bring Active Content Discovery to subscribers of leading Thai mobile network operator AIS. By combining cell broadcast technology with relevant subscriber information, services like mLIVE! allow operators to cost-effectively deliver revenue-generating opportunities in a user-friendly, targeted fashion. With mLIVE! Operators can deliver segmented content, rich media and advertising to a virtually unlimited number of users.

During the campaign which ran for five days, users were given the opportunity to download exclusive vouchers which could be redeemed simply by flashing the SMS message at the festival. The overwhelming response to the campaign significantly exceeded the target of 15,000 SMS voucher downloads from an estimated 650,000 viewers in Central Bangkok

Weerapong Tengprathip, managing director on the Coke business from Initiative adds: “The mLIVE! service allowed us to deliver personalised advertising that was both engaging and interactive, increasing the positive response from users and helping drive a successful launch event for the new drink.”

Mr. Prattna Leelapanang, Assistant Vice President – Value Added Service, AIS Says: “The Coca Cola campaign demonstrates how mLIVE! can be used to target users in a non-intrusive and response-driven fashion, using a media popular amongst the target age group. We look forward to working with other brands to reach their audiences in a similar fashion. In mLIVE! Celltick has created a viable and effective mobile marketing tool that helps us drive up mobile internet traffic and subscriber usage of value-added services.”

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, comments: “For a company like Coca Cola, mLIVE! Powered by LiveScreen Media offers a unique opportunity to reach a mass audience on a personal scale, in a direct and non-intrusive fashion. This move from one of the world’s best known brands demonstrates that intelligent, targeted mobile marketing has now come of age as a valuable tool in the marketer’s portfolio.”

Celltick Technologies Ltd., the pioneer of Active Mobile Marketing, has introduced a new medium into the mobile space. Its flagship product, LiveScreen Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content and marketing messages to millions of mobile idle screens, turning them into a network of interactive billboards, creating a strong revenue stream for operators.

Celltick cooperates with mobile operators to turn the mobile screen into a powerful revenue driver. The company has close relations with all network infrastructure companies, major SIM vendors, leading handset manufacturers and industry standard organisations, as well as global content providers and media agents.

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