Cell phone advertisers' cash registers to ring on 3G launch

With 3G services likely to be introduced by the year end, advertisers are keen to capitalize on the new platform — mobile phones to reach out to consumer efficiently.3G could be the technology that allows advertisers to showcase their wares in a cost-effective manner.

So far, companies have not been too excited about mobile advertising as the complete brand experience cannot be delivered through SMSs and plain-vanilla WAP banner ads. However, 3G will allow much better delivery of more creative advertising content.

With 3G, rich media advertising like video ads will become a viable proposition and gain popularity among a critical mass of mobile users. Most ad delivery opportunities that the mobile provides, whether it is internet advertising or SMS advertising, would be enhanced by 3G networks. Moreover, with increased competition in the mobile services market, free minutes in return for advertisement on the mobile phone could be a market differentiator.

Source: Percept

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