Celebrities forge new media ties

Companies like Hungama Digital Media Entertainment and UTV New Media, which provide new media services, are signing exclusive deals with celebrities to develop websites, applications and interactive platforms for the mobile space. Hungama, for instance, has signed a deal with Bipasha Basu.

Users will also get access to some exclusive trivia and personal information about Basu if they choose to subscribe to offerings on mobile internet, SMS or her voice blogs. Hungama is offering a subscription pack of Rs 30 per month where fans can choose SMS packs on fitness or subscribe to Basu’s voice offering.

UTV New Media, which is also in the business of managing celebrities’ digital presence, has signed exclusive deals with 17 celebrities and is developing websites, applications and interactive platforms for cell phones. Hungama already has a tie-up with cricketer Yuvraj Singh and has developed a website for him. Apart from subscriptions, the company also earns from the advertisements on the website. Both Roy and Agarwal affirm that the content to be available on their platforms will be exclusive and distinct from what the celebrities choose to write in their blogs and tweets. The potential is huge.

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment has signed up with Bipasha Basu and provides the technology and distribution platform to the content created by Basu for her website.

Source: Percept

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