CASBAA to retain collective wisdom

Hong Kong: As part of its 20th anniversary initiatives, CASBAA has announced the formation of a new Board of Advisors to ensure the Association retains access to the experience and collective wisdom of executives who have previously served the Asia Pacific multichannel TV industry (and CASBAA) to great effect.

“It is crucial to preserve the continuity of knowledge and experience from key industry leaders,” said Marcel Fenez, Chairman of CASBAA. “The CASBAA Board of Advisors will provide the opportunity to create a living repository of information accrued from the very people who have been instrumental in establishing today’s multi-billion dollar pay-TV industry in Asia.”

Membership to the Board of Advisors will be strictly by “Invitation Only” from the Board of Directors and is applicable to retired Members of the Board of Directors and executives who have served five years or more on the CASBAA Council of Governors. The Advisory group will meet at least once every calendar year in an informal environment at the invitation of the Association.

“As CASBAA moves into its 21st year, it is imperative that we stay connected to the leadership that has brought our industry and the Association to where it is now – the preeminent voice for the multichannel TV industry in Asia,” added Fenez.

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