CASBAA Releases 'Mobile TV in Asia' Report

The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia today launched its ‘Mobile TV in Asia’ report for CASBAA members, exploring some of the factors for the commercial success of mobile video TV services in the Asia Pacific.

Commissioned by the CASBAA Mobile TV Committee, the report was written by digital research agency Tomorrow to provide a strategic and comprehensive analysis of mobile TV development across the region.

“Although mobile TV services could be a huge revenue source for broadcasters and advertising agencies, there are many issues that still need to be addressed before getting the industry onto the right track,” said CASBAA Mobile TV consultant Mike Walsh.

According to Datamonitor research quoted in the report, the number of mobile TV subscribers in Asia could hit 76.3 million in 2012 out of 156 million globally, up from an estimated 15 million in Asia today.

Meanwhile, the CASBAA report lists 10 key success factors[1] for mobile TV services, citing industry data and insights from senior industry figures, along with case studies demonstrating Asia Pacific opportunities and challenges.

According to the report, developing a feasible business model for mobile TV will require, “a healthy ecosystem . . . . . reliant on the integration between content providers, network operators and device manufacturers, as well as government regulation.”

“Following the CASBAA Mobile TV CXO Summit of December last, the ‘Mobile TV in Asia’ report is part of CASBAA’s commitment to demystify the mobile sector and its potential as a new revenue source,” said the CASBAA CEO Simon Twiston Davies.

“The mobile TV industry is passing new milestones all the time and CASBAA will continue with its efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between content providers and carriers,” added Twiston Davies.

The 10 essentials for the commercial success of mobile TV in any new market,according to CASBAA are: The network , Ease of use , The ecosystem ,Devices ,Coverage ,Revenue ,Regulation ,Content ,Advertising and Lifestyle .

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