Cadbury Widens 'Celebration' range Campaign

Subtly highlighting the appeal of chocolates as the “Universal Special gift” is the new television commercial for the Celebrations range of chocolates from Cadbury India.

Gifting brings with it a myriad of emotions. From what is the right gift to give, will the recipient like the gift, what gifts can I buy quick and easy to what will be a special fit, can I order it online, price etc. When you get the gifting right the joy and satisfaction is immense. If you have been at the other end of gifting, then it is not very uncommon to receive gifts which look good but have absolutely no display or practical values. These become gifts that are meant to be passed on. If you have hosted a function, then you can probably identity the gifts that have been passed on to you. It is this interesting interplay of emotions during what we term the recycling of gifts (woh tohfa hi kya, jo dil se nahin diya…) that forms the plot of the new Cadbury “Tohfa Laya” Television commerical. The underlying message why sweat for gifts that will be recycled, instead happily select from the vibrant range of Cadbury Celebrations gift range to suit the occasion.

The new “Tohfa” campaign hits the channels in the first week of September and blends an interesting plot, humor and catchy background score to strike a chord with the consumer. The television commercial starts with the shot of a couple getting ready to go out for a party. The husband asks the wife, whether she has picked up a gift for the party. She replies that she already has bought something to gift, which is a showpiece of a happy couple sitting on a swing. From then it is the story of the showpiece and its journey from one couple to another until, eventually, the showpiece lands back with the original husband and wife, to their shock and amusement. The TVC then highlights the ‘is tohfe mein hai woh meethas, jo rishton ko banayien khaas’ appeal of chocolates as gifts. The background score is from the popular hindi song ‘Tofah…Tofah…Tofah…Laya…Laya…Laya’ to make the television commercial catchy.

Speaking on the new commercial launch, Mr. Sanjay Purohit, Director – Marketing, Cadbury India says, “Consumers have slowly moved on from traditional to youthful and contemporary gifts, which is what chocolates are all about. This is our endeavour to provide our consumers unique gifting options all-year-round.”

The ‘Celebration’ communication traditionally concentrates on festivals like Diwali and Rakshabandhan. Since its launch in 1990, it has established the special place during these festivals. The new commercial looks to extend the repertoire of chocolate gifting from traditional festive to all-year-round gifting. The commercial has been created by Contract Advertising (India) Pvt Ltd. Raj Nair, Executive Creative director has worked on the commercial & The Reel Co has produced the commercial.

Along with the new communication, consumers will also witness a slew of stylish gift packs hitting the retails stores shortly.

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