Cadbury launches “Thandi Saans Ka Blast” TVC

Cadbury India Limited, India’s leading Confectionery Company has announced the launch of a new marketing campaign for its leading mints brand ‘Halls’. The new TVC revolves around the theme “Thandi Saans Ka Blast” to demonstrate the ‘Intense cooling leading to a feeling of rejuvenation’.

Halls is one of the major brands in the Indian mint market. It is a Mint with strong cooling agents such as Menthol and Eucalyptus. It cools your throat and gives you an intense cooling experience – akin to a deep breath of fresh air. The key benefit delivered by Halls is that it leaves the consumer feeling refreshed. It was repositioned as a cooling candy in 2008, when it was relaunched with an improved product recipe as well as entertaining airplane commercial starring Vinay Pathak. Post re-launch in 2008, Halls has experienced healthy sales growth; in excess of thirty percent in a highly competitive mints market. The 2008 Aeroplane campaign worked well to establish the product benefit of intense cooling and strengthen the Halls franchise.

The current advertising on Halls aims to build on the earlier one. The strategy in the new TVC was to promote the new Halls, which depicts the ‘intense cooling’ that the brand provides using bizarre or unexpected situations. Consumer Insight state that there are times in the day when they feel sluggish-while working or traveling – but do not want to slow down. Halls, with its Menthol and Eucalyptus cooling agents, delivers an intense cooling experience, refreshing them. In order to achieve that, a polar bear has been used which symbolizes the icy feeling in the TVC. The intense cooling that the new Halls provides, leads to a feeling of rejuvenation.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Purohit, Executive Director – Marketing, Cadbury India Ltd said, “Currently, the Mints category is growing at a rapid pace. The enhanced product offering supported by the advertising campaign will augment a fresh appeal to brand Halls.”

Halls has also launched new variant “Lime Menthol” as well as a unique shareable “Pocket Pack” which further aims to strengthen the brand franchise. The New Halls offers a superior tasting formulation & the dual benefit of cooling the throat. The product has been redesigned to create a rounded eating experience for consumers.

Contract Advertising has conceptualized the campaign with the communication strategy, “Thandi Saans Ka Blast”.

The all-new Halls is available in all major retail outlets across the country. Special Halls Jar with a blue tinge will be placed to increase visibility for the brand.

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