Cadbury launches “Chocolate ka Meetha Bomb” TV Commercial

Cadbury Dairy Milk Éclairs – the deliciously creamy caramel filled with a rich Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate center recently launched a new TVC with the theme “Chocolate ka Meetha Bomb”.

The TVC aims to showcase the new and improved Cadbury Dairy Milk Éclairs which boasts a greater gush & and a richer chocolaty center. In order to communicate this, the burning wick and chocolate head explosions has been brought to play. The burning wick is used to demonstrate the melting caramel and the chocolate center hit is depicted by the chocolate head explosions.

The new TVC opens with a young boy on an escalator. As the camera zooms in, you notice a wick burning on the corner of his mouth. Similar wicks are noticed on a young girl in a mall, a couple in a park sitting on a bench and a boy in a parking lot. Suddenly the parking lot boys’ head blasts into chocolate. This is followed by the couples head blasting into chocolate, followed by the chocolate head blast of the girl in the mall. Cut to the chocolate head blast of the boy on the escalator. Cut to a boy at a zebra crossing. He removes a Cadbury Dairy Milk Éclairs from his pocket, which he unwraps and puts in his mouth. The burning wick appears on the corner of his mouth. As the wick completely burns out the boys’ head blasts into chocolate. This is followed by a series of chocolate head blasting of the people who are crossing. Cut to the product window – the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Éclairs, which explodes. Cut back to the boy at the zebra crossing. We see a bit of chocolate seeping out of the corner of his mouth, his smile still intact.

The 360 marketing campaign, apart from the TVC will also feature outdoors, sampling and free goodies.

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