Cadbury Dairy Milk launches 'Payday' campaign

Over the last six decades, Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) has launched a number of promotional campaigns . It’s many successful campaigns – right from ‘Sometimes Cadbury’s can say it better than words’ to ‘Kuchh meetha ho jaye’ – have not just been instrumental in building the brand but have also helped achieve phenomenal penetration into various markets. CDM is taking this journey forward by crafting yet another approach – the theme for which revolves around ‘Payday’ – Yet another moment of happiness that life has to offer.

Sanjay Purohit, Executive Director – Marketing, Cadbury India Ltd said, “This new campaign takes the concept of celebrations to yet another level. With Pappu and Miss Palampur campaign, CDM created a space for itself during the big, community celebration moments. This commercial keeps the core promise of happiness while introducing another ‘moment of joy’ in one’s life. The new commercial highlights the celebratory occasion of payday, which is an important event in the life of every middle-class Indian.”

The storyline unfolds in a really old office where clerks are busy typing and the main protagonist is one of them. A cashier approaches the main protagonist to give him his salary. As he is collecting his salary he start’s singing. All the typists start dancing and singing as well. The main guy distributes money to a milkman who appears.

Similarly the newspaper boy and doctor appear as well. And then a kid appears to whom he hands over a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. His wife is all ready to go out for the evening. He starts singing. As he is singing we see them walking out.

Then they sit in a taxi to go to a theatre. The wings and the hood of the taxi open and the car begins to fly. In the theatre as the main protagonist puts his hand around his wife’s shoulder, she sees he is holding a Cadbury chocolate bar in his hand. Everybody joins in the celebration. We start pulling out revealing all our sets and then cut to the pack shot.

The creative approach has the taken the strategy forward beautifully. Coincidentally, we stumbled upon a 50s Kishore Kumar song that celebrated paydays, which packs in the emotions that such days bring to life, in such joyous fervor that the creative team led by Abhijit Avasthi chose to base the campaign around the song itself. The commercial, depicts the many things that typically happen on payday, but more than that, it captures the infectious happy mood of the man and his family, and in that context, pitches the brand in a compelling manner.

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