Business leaders optimistic for 2009 says Mindshare Report

Top-level decision makers are ready to face economic uncertainty but despite recent losses in the job markets and the downturn in company turnover most are clinging to optimism and are refusing to be skeptical about the future faced by their business according to the latest MindReader survey released today by global media network Mindshare.

According to the latest Business MindReader survey released today, which interviewed 5,500 business decision makers across 11 markets including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico and the USA, the key worry for high-level decision makers is economic uncertainty with almost three-quarters (73%) of those surveyed stating that this is a key worry in their decision making.

Despite the gloom descending on the economic landscape, surprisingly most change drivers and high-level business leaders are still upbeat with nearly all those surveyed (96%) stating that they are optimistic and not skeptical about the future.

However, even though these decision makers have worries about the economy, half of those (50%) consider finding and keeping talent a priority.

Four out of five (80%) of change drivers see their role as getting best from others versus lead from the front with almost the same amount (72%) focusing on big issues and prioritising versus being involved in the detail.

More than 4 out of five involved in the survey (86%) said they had a focus on attending to priorities rather than a focus on problems, while 65% said they actively engaged in problems presented by office politics.

Change drivers also have a tendency to be well organised with 65% stating that this was the normal way of going about their daily business.

However, when it came to personal growth and promotion the majority (94%) said that they would seek new challenges rather than take the accepted promotion path.

They are also interested in learning about other cultures (87%), willing to sacrifice family time for career (55%) and are always the first to have latest technology (72%). Despite having the latest technology and the time benefits this should provide, change drivers often find their personal time disturbed for business, with 71% insisting this is the case, however a lower number (57%) say they feel constantly time pressured.

Sheila Byfield, Leader, Business Planning at Mindshare Worldwide, said: “Change Drivers like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Martin Sorrell never stop looking for opportunities whether times are good or bad. This group has different attitudes to other senior executives. They influence the future shape of our business worlds and are incredibly important to the future direction of business brands.

“Through Business MindReader we can differentiate Drivers of Change from the wider community and look at the fascinating detail of what they think and how they behave in both their social and business lives.”

Almost three quarters of higher-level management (74%) admit to watching national TV most days or every day, while 45% watch international TV most days or every day and 23% watch once a week.

As for their print habits, 70% of change drivers read a national newspaper most days or every day, while 27% read an international newspaper most days or every day and 26% read an international newspaper once a week.

Also, 48% read an international magazine once a week or more often, while 88% of respondents see the internet as a key provider of information throughout their day.

Topics covered by the survey included media behaviour including frequency, consumption and acceptance of advertising by channel. It also included challenges for business and respondent’s behaviour in business and personal life.

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