Broadband Connectivity, Regulatory measures to drive e-commerce growth in india : IAMAI

Mumbai: Increase in broadband and mobile reach and strategic regulatory measures will drive the growth of electronic commerce in India. This viewpoint was put forth by Jean-Francois Van Kerckhove, Vice President – Strategy, eBay Inc.

“India is presently at a major inflection point as far as e-commerce is concerned. It is extremely important to ensure that broadband and mobile spread is increased so as to ensure that a much-needed impetus is given to the e-commerce sector. Also a set of business-friendly regulations will help in driving web adoption that will in turn drive online commerce,” Kerckhove said. Mr Kerckhove was speaking at the 3rd National Conference on Digital Commerce organized by the Internet and Mobile Association of India in Mumbai.

Also speaking at the event, Ambareesh Murty, Country Manager, eBay India was of the opinion that the coming decade will be one of e-commerce, with critical factor coming together for digital commerce to spread.

“Macro-economic factors like infrastructure and regulatory guidelines will be the key to ensure a whole-rounded growth of e-commerce market in India. With heartening growth being seen in broadband penetration and regulatory measures like TRAI’s National Broadband Plan being put in place, we can expect substantial growth in terms of online buying and selling,” Murty said.

Discussing the potential ways to drive e-commerce adoption, Anupam Mittal, Chairman, People Group said that the key challenge e-commerce companies are facing today is to make the consumers comfortable with the medium. “Lot of people are still not completely aware of and comfortable with using the digital medium. We, companies and the government, have to walk together to drive broadband penetration through consumer marketing,” Mittal said.

Discussing the potential of using internet as a platform to showcase products and services, Pawan Gadia, CEO, Ferns ‘N’ Petals said, “Online storefronts add value to the business proposition offered by the brands and would guarantee better interaction with the consumers and better revenue.”

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