Brian Fetherstonhaugh Appointed to DMA Board of Directors

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OgilvyOne Worldwide has been appointed to serve on the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Board of Directors.

DMA is a leading global trade association that shapes the way businesses and organizations apply direct marketing methods to marketing, sales and customer service. Its efforts are tailored to advocacy, brand building, education, networking and research. Founded in 1917, DMA has more than 3,600 members in 47 nations, including the majority of companies listed on the Fortune 100. It is also the sponsor of the annual DMA ECHO Awards.

Brian stands to be a remarkable addition to the board. For the past 25 years, he has worked hands-on with many of the world’s leading brands including, IBM, American Express, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Unilever, Nestlé, BP, Kodak and Yahoo!. He founded and became the first Chairman of Ogilvy’s Global Brand Community, representing the agency’s top 20 international clients. Today, Brian leads OgilvyOne Worldwide, the interactive marketing and consulting arm of the Ogilvy Group.

Others from Ogilvy to serve on the DMA board include: Ronald L. Bliwas, President/Chief Executive Officer, A. Eicoff & Company, who currently sits on the board, and Carla Hendra, Co-CEO, Ogilvy North America and Chairman, Ogilvy New York, whose two-year term ends this year.

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