Brand Marriage: and Sprite say seedhi baat …

What happens when two unique brands share a similar message? Look into the mail page to find out some clutter breaking branding created by Brand Sprite for Network 18’s most successful website and your gateway to the web sports Sprite’s branding woven onto its mail page! Taking a cue from Brand Sprite’s cut- through perspective of life captured by the tagline – ‘Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas’, the Inbox and the Trash folder of’s mail page are appropriately branded as ‘Seedhi Baat In’ and ‘Bakwaas Out’ respectively.

As part of’s youthful appeal combined with some great content, this proved to be a right opportunity for Sprite to be a part of this unique initiative. Conceptualized by Madison, Sprite’s media buying agency, this messaging is truly one of a kind and the brand promotion is focused towards the youth in all its communication. This innovative campaign is designed to connect with the consumers in a unique and an innovative way.

Commenting on the unique message positioning, Rajan Srinivasan, Head of Sales – Web18 says, ‘We are happy to be leading the waywhen it comes to going beyond pure branding on the internet. In this case, we have married the brand core with the product functionality using creativity to seamlessly connect with the youth TG in a fun, irreverentway. As, we are committed to giving our users a fun and novel experience, while guaranteeing our advertisers top of mind recall in a smart and inter-linked way, rather than merely splashing the brand all over the place. The benefit of the digital medium comes through when users connect to the brand in their regular, day-to-day interactionsand last we checked… everyone was indeed checking mail.

According to Srinivas Murthy, General Manager, Flavors, Coca-Cola India, “We are always on the lookout for innovative opportunities to connect and engage our consumers. Over the years, Sprite as a brand has become synonymous with having no nonsense, honest and cut-through attitude. We are pleased to partner with for the latest digital initiative which leverages Sprite’s cut-through perspective of life – Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas. Sprite’s tagline is creatively blended with the mail box section of to offer consumers a unique and one-of-its-kind experience. We hope that consumers will find this initiative extremely appealing.”

Leading this branding initiative, Rajiv Gopinath, COO, Madison Media Infinity says, “In the cluttered internet environment where lot of inventory tends to be a blind spot, noticeability becomes paramount. It is critical to go beyond just presence and get one level below and be involved with user’s actions. This innovation does just that. It perfectly juxtaposes the brand proposition ‘Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas’ with the online property; Seedhi Baat standing for the Inbox folder and Bakwaas standing for the Trash Folder. Doing this innovation on a Top 12 Comscore site takes it beyond ‘innovation for innovation’s sake’ and gives it real teeth. Folder branding has not been done before on a lead mail site and we thank for partnering with us”.

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