Blackberrys launches new television campaign 'Go sharp'

Blackberrys TVC brings to life the “Go sharp” philosophy of the refurbished Blackberry’s brand. In short, the TVC flows from the perspective of the TG who in essence is the sharpest man in any given situation. Everyone & everything is cut to size in front of our protagonist. The same is captured in the TVC through sliced geometric objects in the wardrobe. Another visual demonstration of the same is that every additional time the protagonist’s/ his clothes accidently touch any objects, they get sliced.

The TVC is set in a surreal world where his entire wardrobe resembles an Awards Ceremony connoting that every time the protagonist is dressing up, he’s getting ready for an occasion and the world rolls out a red carpet to welcome him. The same is also a conscious attempt to enhance the fashion quotient of the brand. The playful demeanor of the protagonist in dogging the camera flashes is again bolstering the “sharpness’ of the protagonist and it equally reflects the sharp designs of Blackberry’s ensembles (worn by our protagonist)

The TVC also establishes a near perfect consistency with the still campaign. The international fashion looks and the Indian twist perfectly blends in to reflect our brand as well as our audience.

Clutter breaking music and video mix will most definitely make this the “sharpest” commercial on air in this category. We have created an entire 3 minute Blackberrys music track.

To download it as your ringtone SMS “BBS” to 56161.

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