BlackArc Ogilvy launches new digital unit BAOOO

Beijing :Real estate specialist agency BlackArc Ogilvy today announced the launch of BlackArc OgilvyOne Organization (BAOOO), a new unit which will provide a full range of digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and one-to-one marketing services for Chinese real estate companies.

As the new interactive marketing discipline of BlackArc Ogilvy Group, BAOOO’s range of services will cover five core areas: Brand building (for corporations, services and locations) , Digital communication (including interactive communication strategies, website , development and optimization, social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and multimedia services) CRM (including prospect identification, loyalty programs and membership development ,strategies) , Showroom promotions (including creation of digital, interactive promotional tools such as virtual home/property tours and 3D models) and Digital property management services (including terminals that can control home appliances digitally and manage household issues electronically)

The timing of today’s launch coincides with recent, well documented moves by the Chinese government to enforce new regulations limiting home purchases and property loans which have caused the previously robust real estate market to slow considerably as sales and housing investments have fallen. As a result, consumers have realized that the real estate market has shifted in their favor, from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. This has made buyers less hurried and has allowed them to spend more time researching and considering their purchase before making a commitment.

“These days, unlike in the past, buyers in China need and expect more than basic information from flyer ads and text messages,” said Angel Chen, CEO of BlackArc OgilvyOne and President of OgilvyOne China. “They need targeted information, preferably if they can find it themselves online; they want to hear about brands and properties from their trusted peer groups – either through word-of-mouth recommendations or discussions in social media, interactive experiences, and they want to know what the property brand stands for and whether it’s trustworthy. Therefore, it’s crucial that developers and real estate companies adapt their marketing strategies to address today’s reality.”

“And while the real estate market will eventually recover, consumer behavior will not be the same as before. So marketers need to prepare for the bounce back ahead of time. As we have seen through several recessions, those brands that invest in marketing during economic downturns emerge stronger once the economy or situation stabilizes,” added Chen.

Sasa Liu, President and Founder of BlackArc Ogilvy, said, “In addition to visiting traditional information channels such as housing fairs and real estate agencies, home buyers are also
conducting their own research and are increasingly going online for that information. Approximately 58 percent of home buyers say the Internet is the best source of real estate
information1, making it a crucial channel for marketers that need to reach a broader audience.”

Liu added, “Another way that developers can enhance their customer experience and branding is to consider adding CRM (customer relationship management) techniques to their marketing mix. This can include things like e-DMs (direct mails), dedicated mini-sites, smartphone apps, and targeted mobile messages that enhance a buyer’s pre- and post-sale experience and keep them up to date with relevant and timely information.”

BlackArc OgilvyOne Organization offers services to clients in top tier cities across China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Shenyang among others.

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