Big Fuel Launches ContenttoCommerce.TV

Big Fuel, the consumer engagement agency, today announced the launch of ContenttoCommerce.TV , an interactive video think tank developed to create a community conversation between brands and consumers through an open, honest exchange. The site, a first of its kind, is an aggregation of market voices and consumer opinions that helps to answer the big question, “What do consumers want?”

Traditional marketing has shifted dramatically and consumer behavior has been turned on its head with the advent of time-shifting digital devices (DVRs, TiVo, etc.) and Web 2.0 tools. Nearly 70 percent of consumers choose their computer over their TV for entertainment and of those watching TV, 71 percent admit to skipping commercials with DVR. Add to that the 60 percent of Americans that are using social networking sites to interact, driving social network traffic up 10 percent every month, and it’s a recipe for marketing confusion.

“Brands are starting to catch on to changes in social networking and how consumers access information, but 51 percent of all social network marketing campaigns still fail,” said Avi Savar, founder and chief executive officer, Big Fuel. “These campaigns fail not for lack of money or effort, but because consumers are bombarded with more than 5,000 branded messages a day, and for a company to be successful they’ve got to make real connections with meaningful content that will break through the clutter and drive commerce. That’s the big idea at Big Fuel – taking campaigns from just ‘content’ to the much needed ‘commerce.'”

ContenttoCommerce.TV is an ongoing project for consumers, brands and marketers to learn from each other. Aimed at providing marketers with unlimited access to key insights and constant access to consumer panelists, it enables people to share their opinions on what consumers really want to identify new trends early and from the source. The site was initially populated with videos from marketers interviewed at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference in Las Vegas from Oct. 11-15. The Big Fuel team also hit the streets to gather consumer feedback on what they’re looking for from the brands they use and the marketers trying to reach them. Once collected, all the videos were tagged based on key ideas and themes and then, using visual mapping technology, they were organized based on key concepts so anyone and everyone can gain more insight into consumer trends and patterns of behavior.

“Ultimately, we want brands to get it right – we want them to empathize more with consumers and realize that shouting product messages from the mountaintops is often not the best way to connect. The revolution is over and the consumer has won,” said Ian Baer, president, Big Fuel. “ContenttoCommerce.TV is a place where brands and marketers can meet consumers on their own terms – a community dedicated to fostering true consumer engagement, so that ultimately we can build more bridges between telling ‘people stories’ and ‘product stories.’

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