Big FM’s RJ Ravi Completes 56 hrs of non-stop RJing

Delhi’s 100 Chartbuster Stations’ RJ Ravi who took the challenge of attempting more than ‘100 hrs’ RJing marathon has completed 56 hrs of non-stop live RJing marathon.

With ‘Beijing Olympics 2008’ BIG 92.7 FM, in a first-of-its-kind initiative and in keeping up with the ‘Vibe of the City’ presents an Olympiad where every Indian will now get the chance to win, like never before in the form of a unique ‘Radio Olympiad’ across 44 stations! With this latest offering, BIG 92.7 FM becomes the first ever radio station to host and bring alive the spirit of an Olympiad on-air, wherein every Indian across the length & breadth of the country will now enjoy the opportunity to win & create records.

It is an initiative towards escalating the passion of the event, which otherwise has little relevance in the minds of people because of the challenges faced by Indians to win at an Olympiad!

This RJ Marathon is a part of the ‘Radio Olympiad’ campaign which will have the key jocks of BIG FM’s 36 stations doing non-stop RJ Marathon for 92.7 hours or more.

Such a marathon has never been attempted before and hence would be marked as a historic event in the Indian Radio industry. RJ Ravi has been preparing himself for this marathon both physically and mentally and has undertaken several fitness, yoga and meditation classes to ensure the highest levels of patience, commitment and focus.

Well wishers as well as their calls are pouring in from across the city to wish Ravi and motivate him to succeed in this unique initiative being organized by BIG 92.7 FM.

BIG 92.7 FM has ensured all arrangements required like medical assistance, food, energy drinks, string of well wishers to ensure the Ravi is in high spirit and also a well chalked out programming plan to ensure the successful completion of the marathon.

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