BIG FM to de-stress Mumbiats ,Will Present Raju Shrivastav on Breakfast Show

Big FM heats up its laughter quotient in the breakfast show – BIG Chai with none other than Raju Shrivastav. The Mumbai station is ensuring a complete entertainment mix for its listeners is making humor a great stress zapper.

Raju Shrivastav has successfully been instrumental in taking listeners’ on a mind-blowing roller-coaster laugh riot every morning from 7-11am on the ‘BIG Chai’ along with breakfast jocks Archana Jani & Vrajesh Hirjee. He has been doing what he does best…entertaining listeners and making laughter a regular day part of Mumbai mornings, through his spontaneous puns and anecdotes. His unmatchable wit and timing, coupled with his creative ability to present a normal situation comically is truly iconic and beyond par.

For many Mumbaikars who lead arduous and strenuous lives, humor is one of the most important de-stressors and making this possible for many is Raju Shrivastav with his daily dose of jokes, shaayaris & kavi sammelans. He also has been keeping listeners’ in splits with his weekly film reviews on the latest Bollywood releases, Raju ishtyle! Also, adding to his immensely talented comic escapades, he is currently riding high on the airwaves of BIG 92.7 FM by bringing his very popular character ‘Gajodhar’ on-air for listeners’.

Research indicates that insomnia interferes with the sleep of around 65 to 70 percent of Mumbaikars, which is turning the city into insomniacs. Getting sound sleep at night is a Herculean task with many of them of them tossing and turning through the night resulting in a drowsy and a lethargic day. And with humor being a key to our daily lives, Big 92.7 FM along with Raju Shrivastav will continue to tickle your funny bones and keep listeners’ entertained throughout the week!

“Humor is an integral part of entertainment at Big 92.7 FM. Our breakfast show has been designed with a high humor quotient and we are very happy with the response that we have received on Raju Shrivastav. We are making BIGger our offering of humor and fun on the show, with his jokes, shaayaris, kavi sammelans and popular character Gajodhar, who has already begun a hot favorite amongst listeners. Listeners will only get more of differentiated entertainment and great humor only on the BIG Chai” , Arjun Singh Baran, Station Director – Mumbai, Big 92.7 FM

“Comedy on Radio is an enriching experience. Archana, Vrajesh and I have the best fun when doing the show and that is what translates to the audiences. Comedy is my forte and what I do best and nothing is more fulfilling than to know that I am tickling the funny bone of the stressed Mumbaikar every morning.” added comedy king Raju Shrivastav.

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