BIG FM to Air Humour to Entertain Mumbai Listeners

BIG 92.7 FM heats up its humor quotient in the programming mix of Mumbai Station by launching a slew of interesting on-air offerings. The Station, in ensuring a complete entertainment mix for its listeners, is making humor a great stress zapper for Mumbaikars with the launch of its therapeutic on-air characters like ‘Son Sonny’, ‘Bombay Bawa’ & ‘Lyricist Lahiri’. They will be instrumental in taking you on a mind-blowing roller-coaster laugh riot through out the day for BIG 92.7 FM listeners’ as interstitials.

For many Mumbaikars who lead arduous and strenuous lives, humor is one of the most important de-stressors and making this possible listeners’ will be the very irksome but lovable on-air characters ‘Son Sonny’, ‘Bombay Bawa’ & our very own ‘Lyricist Lahiri’.

“Humor is an integral part of entertainment at BIG 92.7 FM. Our shows have been designed with a high humor quotient given an average Mumbaikars stress levels. We are very happy with the response that we have received on our latest on-air offerings ‘Bombay Bawa’, ‘Son Sonny’ & ‘Lyricist Lahiri’. On BIG 92.7 FM, we are making BIGger our offering of humor & fun on the show, with their jokes and on-air personas…they have already become hot favorites amongst listeners! Listeners will now get more of differentiated entertainment and great humor only on the BIG 92.7 FM,” Sudarshan Saha, Station Director , Mumbai, BIG 92.7 FM said.

The station has added three humour oriented programmes to its list.‘Bombay Bawa’, a funny old man who loves the city, its people and is in tune with the latest vibe…reminds you of the good old Parsi of Mumbai! He gives his take on the hottest happenings in the city everyday…his views are often whacky, and he compares these instances to the western world or his younger days in old Bombay. Bombay Bawa’s Hindi is embedded with the famous Parsi lingo…

‘Son Sunny’ is yet another interesting character who will leave you in splits with his bad sense of humor! Looking at the recent past and his dipping popularity in the industry, this interstitial is purely dedicated to Papa’s boy, Sunny Deol. All he does everyday is crib to his father about latest happenings in the media industry and how no one considers him good for anything. Sunny is loud, he’s got a bad sense of humor and he’s got no one else but his Papa to share his ideas, thoughts, irritation and insecurities. But Papa is completely indifferent to the conversation; he often goes off to sleep at the end of the interstitial

The last one goes to none other than ‘Lyricist Lahiri’…in his inimitable ishtyle! A typical struggling Bengali writer who considers himself as the next Mark Twain or Robi dada! Known by the name of Lahiri, he introduces himself as a knowledge bank of English language but all that he does is translate the Bollywood Hindi songs into English and sing them as his own. His heavy Bengali accent and selection of certain English words, makes ‘Lyricist Lahiri’ a star and a treat to listen to.

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