Big FM, Surat organizes Parna

The festival of observing fast for 5 days ended on July 21st following the night of Jaagran by jubilant fasters in the cities of Baroda, Surat and Rajkot. In Surat, winners of the contests run by BIG FM, during this period spent the night watching a movie with Breakfast Jock Setuu and other RJs. Women in Rajkot celebrated the night of Jaagran with RJ Sujal, Chandni and others at Madhuram Club. And girls in Baroda were kept amused all night by RJ Tejal and company as they played various games and contests involving lot of fun.

“We strongly believe in making our listeners feel connected to us and occasions of this nature enable us in maintaining the local connection with our listeners. On this occasion, we have tried to give our listeners, an experience they would love to remember for their lifetime. This is perfectly in keeping with our brand philosophy of Suno Sunao, Life Banao ,” Hitesh Budhbhatti, Cluster Head – Gujarat, BIG 92.7 FM said.

The celebrations did not end just there. On Monday, 21st July BIG FM, Surat organized a Parna (fast breaking ceremony) for 20 lucky winners at Basant Vihar restaurant. The winners were chosen on the basis of an sms contest. They all got a chance to meet and greet the BIG FM Surat RJs bandwagon before they went on to break their fast. The food predominantly involved delicacies made from wheat and salt , as the fasters strictly avoided these during their five days fasting.

BIG FM, Gujarat had lined up a slew of interesting interactive initiatives to commemorate the 5-day fasting festival celebrated by womenfolk of Gujarat with great fervour and devotion. During these days, the girls and women worship Gauri / Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. While unmarried women and young girls worship her for being blessed with good husbands, married women do so for the welfare, health and long life of their spouses and a blissful married life.

A mix of on-air talk shows, contests, call-ins, and on-ground events on the theme were planned on all five days of the festival. Each day RJs talked on a particular theme like ‘Kaisa hoga sapno ka rajkumar’, ‘Fast mein kaisa hoga aap ka food’, ‘Dressing for different days’ etc. RJs talked about the festival flavour and there were out broadcasts from various locations in the cities where womenfolk gathered for fun and worshipping. Activities like Mehendi Competition were also organized to add to the festival mood.

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