BIG FM, Surat organizes ‘Ghari Eating Competition’

BIG 92.7 FM, Surat’s No.1 FM station keeping up with ‘Vibe of the City’ yesterday organised ‘BIG Ghari Eating Competition’ to celebrate Chandi Padva – a local festival celebrated in Surat following Sharad Purnima / Khojagiri Punam.

Surtis, which are anyways great foodies, have an interesting tradition of eating ghari (a local sweet) on Chandi Padva. Prepared only in Surat, ‘ghari’ is eaten on the roadside, on the terrace of a building, on Dummas beach, or anywhere under the open sky. Adding loads of mawa, dry fruits and ghee, sweetshops start preparing ‘ghari’ a week before Chandi Padwa to meet customers’ demand. ‘Ghari’ worth crores of rupees is made & sold on this day which is declared as a public holiday in Surat.

BIG FM organised a Ghari Eating competition to add to the festive mood. Scores of people of all age groups participated in the competition. In 15 mins, participants ate up over 11 kg of Ghari. The winner alone at 2 kg of ghari in 15 mins. The winner was gratified with a 5 kg box of ghari as a reward.

Speaking on the occasion, Sunil Rana, Station Head – BIG 92.7 FM, Surat said, “BIG 92.7 FM has always conceptualized activities which entertain the people and make them feel connected to us. Looking at the popularity of this festival, we thought a ghari eating competition would be an ideal way to celebrate this day with our listeners.”

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