BIG FM Ropes In Comedy King Raju Srivastav to Regale Audiences

BIG 92.7 FM, as a Diwali bonus for its listeners, has once again roped in the King of Comedy – Raju Srivastav to bombard them with his wit and humour. Raju with his inimitable brand of humor will begin his new innings with BIG FM starting 20 Oct.

Raju Srivastav with his heartwarming humor and his ability to bring out loud laughter into our lives will entertain BIG FM listeners through and post Diwali, enabling BIG FM listeners wake up to happier mornings and more cheerful days.

As part of the special Big Diwali Bonus spike, Raju equipped with various humour crackers will tickle the funny bones of BIG FM listeners almost throughout the day. With ‘Raju ki Fuljhadi’, Raju will give insight into the way women celebrities will celebrate Diwali this year, in his distinctive style. ‘Raju ki Ladi’ will see top 20 celebrities, having hit headlines for wrong reasons, slaughtered by the king of comedy. Then there will be ‘Bomb Phat Gaya’, wherein Raju, the great film critic, will operate upon the biggest flop movies of the year. Raju’s take on day-to-day happenings and interesting incidents will from part of ‘Raju ke Rocket’. Raju will also sell few innovative products out of his shopping mall called ‘The Raju Shopping Mall’.

The high point will be Raju ki Chakri, a humour capsule containing hidden riddles. Through his Chakri, Raju will throw a riddle for BIG FM listeners to solve. Bright listeners will be gratified with cash prizes and goody bags. Raju’s Chakri and his ensemble of other fire crackers will be enjoyed across the country on BIG FM network. His other humour capsules will also be heard across BIG FM network’s hindi-speaking belt.

Post Diwali, Raju will continue to be a daily feature on the BIG FM Network, entertaining the listeners with his unique blend of humor.

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