BIG FM organises Skeleton squad parade

New Delhi: 92.7 BIG FM Delhi station on its ‘Shock & Awe’ parade met the nicotine captive victims across Delhi on World No Tobacco Day, to re-emphasize the hazards of smoking and spread awareness about healthy living. Simi and Abhi from Zee TV popular show 12/24 Karolbagh flagged off the event and supported the campaign.

The squad wearing skeleton outfits sported messages to spread awareness on “what smoking can do to you”. Across various parts of the city, the Skeleton Squad spoke to smokers highlighted the dangers of smoking through placards and a specially designed card inviting the smokers into hell.

Expressing her views on the initiative support extended by the proud telly daughter Simmi, of 12/24, Karol Bagh says, “A recent report study outlined that nearly 1/3 of the adult population, is consuming tobacco everyday, which is absolutely an unhealthy habit that indeed results in some of the deadliest forms of health hazards like Cancers. Today, I am here to support the WHO initiative and encourage the youngsters to chuck this dangerous habit out of their lifestyles, as this is going to do no good to them and would ultimately land you in the dangerous pit of death.”

Following the powerful statement of his on screen Wife, the ideal husband, Abhi said “There are a lot of things available in the market for intake, then why tobacco? It’s the instant reason for death after hypertension and out of 10 adult, one dies because of tobacco. The youngsters of today should not fall for it saying it reduces stress and all. It’s all psychological. I am also from the same generation and proud to say that I haven’t fallen for this – Live Healthy”.

Speaking about this initiative Ashwin Padmanabhan Station Head said “Smoking not only affects the health of the smokers but also their family and friends. Through this drive, we intend to educate them about the perils of smoking and convert them to opt for a healthy living. At BIG 92.7 FM it is our constant endeavour to highlight key social issues, which demand the society’s attention. We are confident that this campaign, with the support of our listeners, would make a positive impact in the society.”

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