Big FM launches Vicco campaign

Nagpur: Vicco, the makers of Vicco Vajradanti Paste & Powder, Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream, Vicco Narayani Pain Relief Cream and a very trusted family brand name since decades has chosen to use 92.7 BIG FM, the radio arm of Reliance Media World Ltd. as an effective medium for its brand building exercise. The brand has come on board across the network of 92.7 BIG FM covering 45 Stations, with an innovative and creative clutter-breaking campaign it promises to touch a large audience base and create the greater mind-share for the product.

Vicco’s latest campaign has high spot intensity, airing an interesting and innovatively woven messaging centered on Narayani Pain Relief and Vajradanti Paste along with the already well established jingles of Vicco that the customer instantly identifies with. BIG FM was the perfect choice and fit for its vast product range, given that the planning of the campaign was basis inputs on radio effectiveness for brands in the FMCG industry and targeted at the specific target audiences, which includes families, in urban as well as semi-urban areas covered by 45 stations of 92.7 BIG FM.

The creative which is already running across BIG FM is proving effective having high recall among targeted consumers. There are two types of creative’s: one is traditional popular Vicco jingle for Vicco Vajradanti Paste & Powder, Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream and the other is for Vicco Narayani Pain Relief Cream, which adds to its brand building exercise. The campaign has this far proven extremely effective as it communicates the underlying message of Ayurveda as a viable alternative to the chemical-based system of medicines.

Saurabh Doshi, Regional Head – West Zone (except Mumbai), 92.7 BIG FM said “We are extremely happy to have Vicco on board radio. The new campaign, has been created interestingly as it continues to leverage the established Vicco jingle, giving it a more contemporary approach. The campaign has already created traction in the market and we are confident of penetrating further into households across out strong 45 station network to work for its benefit. We are happy to see more brands coming on board radio as they understand its effectiveness and advantages, making it an integral part of their media plans.

When asked how they viewed radio as a medium in their media plans Mr. Devesh Pendharkar, Director, Vicco Laboratories said, “As 92.7 BIG FM is a very popular radio station of India and has the maximum number of stations and listeners to reach out to our TG, we therefore selected BIG FM because of its effectiveness. Radio is perfect medium to reach out to families and also to certain specific segments of the society. With everyone tuned to radio, it plays a very critical role in the media plan and cannot be ignored. We are using a mix of radio and TV for optimal mileage and reach along with our signature promotions in magazine and cinema halls.”

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