Big FM Launches 'Sing with Sonu’ contest

Big FM has launched ‘Sing with Sonu’ contest which offers an opportunity to the budding singers to sing with Sonu Nigam, India’s leading male play back singer. Another category first initiative from India’s No. 1 FM Station, BIG 92.7 FM, the contest this far has seen huge participation from people across Cities with astounding numbers. The Station is now hosting the auditions process wherein, one lucky winner from each city will be finally selected to be in the spotlight and share center-stage with none other than music maestro Sonu Niigaam at special concerts scheduled to be held in each of the 5 Cities between the 16th and the 20th of April.

“For the first time in the history of radio entertainment a Radio Station has tied up with an Artist to market an excellent product that will make for great entertainment for listeners on air coupled with great entertainment on ground. This radio reality show provides a platform to seek the best singers from across the country and offer them a Life Banao opportunity through the concert. The response from across the cities has been phenomenal and we are confident to find some excellent talent ” , Anand Chakravarthy, Vice President – Marketing, BIG 92.7 FM, said.

Finalists from each city will be selected after a stringent audition process, where the best will be selected from amongst the best! Radio is a local medium and in promoting the parochial pride of the local populace, the Station left it up-to the local populace to help short-list their city’s best, to be showcased before Sonu Niigaam. The auditions, in addition to having the local populace also had well known local celebrities who judged the participants on pre-determined parameters.

The auditions saw none other than fire-brand Rakhi Sawant flagging off the contest in Mumbai along with new musical sensation Raja Hassan (Saregamapa Challenge) & singer Sonu Kakkar shortlisting the participants. In Delhi, the very glamorous Pooja Bedi & singer Shibani Kashyap auditioned the participants along with other music personalities like Aarti Kakkar (Johnny Gaddar), Dr. Zeus (Kangna) & music composer Gaurav Dayal. And, while the participants in Kolkata got the opportunity to be auditioned by acclaimed local celebrities like Siddarth (lead vocalist of rock band ‘Cactus’) & playback singer Neepabithi, participants in Chandigarh had popular Sufi singer Lakhwinder Wadali judging and scrutinizing them to select only the best.

Punjabi Please is an exclusive pulsating single composed and sung by Sonu Niigaam. BIG FM has entered into a joint partnership with the artist to exclusively market this song. This song, will see an Artist and a Radio Station coming together to launch a music single for the first time on Radio! Punjabi Please was premiered across the Stations in the North, East and West in addition to the Bangalore Station of BIG 92.7 FM, on March 3, 2008. BIG 92.7 FM has a Multi media and Multi phased marketing plan for this music single in order to create unprecedented buzz around it.

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