BIG FM Launches 'Get high on 100 Chartbusters..' Campaign

Delhi’s Only 100 Chartbuster Station ,BIG 92.7 FM has announced ‘Get high on 100 Chartbusters, Not on Tobacco’ campaign to motivate Delhi-ites towards healthy living on the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day. As part of its awareness creation drive the BIG Ashtray was placed at 3Cs in Lajpat Nagar and breakfast jock RJ Sujata encouraged Delhi listeners stub their cigarettes in it.

“This is an innovative campaign to create awareness among the youth on the ill effects of tobacco consumption and we have driven the message through both the on air 100 Chartbuster music and the on ground offering. The support received from the people has been tremendous, which only encourages us to offer entertainment coupled with such awareness creation initiatives ,” Punit Mathur, Station Director, BIG 92.7 FM – Delhi said.

As part of their on-air offerings, the 100 Chartbuster Station offered listeners a chance to support their favourite RJ – Sujata for her anti-tobacco campaign by stubbing their cigarette in the ‘BIG Ashtray’. The station will also air the top 100 anti-smoking messages penned by the participants of the campaign on 31 May 08.

On ground, RJ Sujatha was seen interacting with the local populace and urging them to stub their cigarettes while offering them the BIG Ashtray. People came forward in large numbers to support the initative and exchanged Cigrettes for chewing gums. The Station also put up a huge message board around the BIG Ashtray, where people were invited to write messages against tobacco consumption. This innovative campaign was hosted on the eve of ‘World No Tobacco Day’, scheduled for May 31st.

This drive was not only to ensure a healthy life but to spread the message amongst the youth against Tobacco abuse.Delhiites participated in this drive with much enthusiasm and fervour, which saw the youth come forward in large numbers to stub the butt and work towards giving up the habit. As a culmination to the activity, the Ashtray was poured water over, cleaning off the remains of the cigarettes.

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