Big FM launches Bollywood ka Waaris game show

Mumbai : It is time for Bollywood to pay as BIG 92.7 FM in yet another unique programming offering launches BIG Bollywood Ka Waaris, the biggest Bollywood Quiz Show on Radio. The show, gives Bollywood lovers an opportunity to test their knowledge on the subject as they strive for the coveted title of BIG Bollywood ka Waaris. The best part of the game show is that the contestant stands to win 27 thousand rupees each day and can choose to roll over the game and the money won to the next day to grow the booty! The show will air each morning on the breakfast show –between 9 and 10am in Mumbai and 8 and 9pm on the Delhi Station.

BIG Bollywood ka Waaris doesn’t only go with a filmy name, but is truly Bollywood in its offering and has all the essentials for a blockbuster which include drama, dialogue, thrill, excitement and much more all culminating to an excellent finale. Each day will see a qualifier round where 2 contestants will be pitched against each other, the winner moves ahead to play the final rounds. Mechanism as follows:

Each day there will be one question between 8 and 9 in the morning and 8 and 9 in the evening with 4 options. These questions will be based on the music that is played in those hours and the listener will have to SMS the correct options to 55454. SMS BIG SPACE BKW SPACE THE CORRECT OPTION to 55454 to participate.

7 Rapid fire questions, which you must answer before the buzzer goes off. Take a call to say “pass” if you want to jump to next question and make sure you answer more n more questions before the buzzer goes off! You make money as follows for each correct answer: For 7 questions 1 – 750, 2 – 1500, 3 – 3000, 4 – 4500, 5 – 6000, 6 – 7500 and 7 – 9000.

Listeners stand a chance to win an amount up to Rs. 27, 000 each day, but if the he/she is not satisfied with the booty or better still if he believes that no one else can claim his throne, there is the option of coming back the next day and challenging another person at the game and playing again, the money of course rolling over.

Speaking on the launch, Nirupam Sonu, Sr. Vice President – Programming said, “Bollywood is a religion in India, and scoring on a Bollywood quiz gives Indians a different thrill. Bollywood ka Waaris promises to get the adrenaline pumping and keep listeners tuned in to the show each day, as they face questions that are a true test of their knowledge. The content and questions have been carefully selected to ensure momentum build up and we are confident of having a large number of ardent and dedicated followers of the game show.”

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